All Sports Golf Battle 4

Time for another fantastic round of All Sports Golf... with Zac Efron!!
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  • Commented on my other acc 11 mons ago

    TimwunenragedTimwunenraged15 timmar sedan
  • Ima get the phrase... “I was looking at the hole...not the shuttlecock!” -Zac Efron ...on a T-Shirt!🕳🏸

    RyanRyan16 timmar sedan
  • Super cool having Rickie Fowler as a guest without using his name in the title.

    Warhawk339Warhawk33918 timmar sedan
  • Dude perfect cooooooooooooool

    Jasiel pozoJasiel pozoDag sedan
  • Dude perfect 🆒

    Jasiel pozoJasiel pozoDag sedan
  • It should really be called "sad gilmore"

    Joel BotkinJoel BotkinDag sedan
  • Deutsch?

    ChristophChristophDag sedan
  • Congrats to team TT

    Ben McMBen McM2 dagar sedan
  • "This is all I have left. This tiny little square. Circle. Egg?" -Zac Efron 2020

    Phil KemperPhil Kemper2 dagar sedan
  • Wait zac efron is so short I thought he was like 6'5

    Victor CamaraVictor Camara2 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or did I just guess the initials of the battle in one try

    Zion AwesomeZion Awesome2 dagar sedan
  • Kse ho sir

    Manjeet SuhagManjeet Suhag3 dagar sedan
  • A moment of silence for the boys who didn't have to click bait Zac Efron

    Gruntilda GamingGruntilda Gaming3 dagar sedan
  • Who ic Zac Efren

    Xavier GadsonXavier Gadson3 dagar sedan
  • hello phillip carlile :]

    Floyd LapointeFloyd Lapointe3 dagar sedan
  • Tyler is king

    Harshil BansalHarshil Bansal3 dagar sedan
  • Tyler wins every one of them so it just gets boring

    NOLAN _ROCKS!!!NOLAN _ROCKS!!!4 dagar sedan
  • Dude perfect X haikyuu

    LitzifyLitzify4 dagar sedan
  • cory it

    Preston BrittPreston Britt4 dagar sedan
  • all sports lacrosse battle

    Jayden Cosby-MosleyJayden Cosby-Mosley5 dagar sedan
  • Team Coby!!!!!

    BIGBlake60BIGBlake606 dagar sedan
  • Team Garrett

    Bryce and the Blood ninjasBryce and the Blood ninjas6 dagar sedan
  • We need a AGSBJFF (All golf sports battle just for fun)

    #TheReal #PoMonster#TheReal #PoMonster6 dagar sedan
  • Part 6

    Stephen LucianaStephen Luciana6 dagar sedan
  • Zack efron is a actor

    joanna mizikowskajoanna mizikowska7 dagar sedan
  • The trophy kind of looked like a Chucky doll.

    Theresa MTheresa M7 dagar sedan
  • Tyler made it to the finals every time

    Anthony MagerAnthony Mager7 dagar sedan
  • Cody thanks for eliminating soccer I do not like soccer

    Yojoeinda GamesYojoeinda Games7 dagar sedan
  • do a happy gilmore battle

  • Cory and Coby this is brother ?

    Jakub TurońJakub Turoń8 dagar sedan
  • Coby's hair grew back fast.

    Will AcreeWill Acree8 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 it's not soccer is football

    Reni ByzykaReni Byzyka8 dagar sedan
  • Do another all sports golf battle

    MST cBeeMST cBee9 dagar sedan
  • Q

    Jarome lanozoJarome lanozo9 dagar sedan
  • A dream to play with dp😍

    Safwan PatelSafwan Patel9 dagar sedan
  • Joe mama

    Eric Harwood JonesEric Harwood Jones9 dagar sedan
  • Zac Efron looks like he’s been cast for a movie about Ricky Fowler

    East Coast RenegadeEast Coast Renegade9 dagar sedan
  • Do a 5th

    Janel SporrerJanel Sporrer9 dagar sedan
  • Who else came back to see this video to try and remember how Zar Efron actually looked like before the doctor ruined it😞

    Rigoberti RigiRigoberti Rigi10 dagar sedan
  • Do the Americans really call tennis ‘racket ball’ ?!?

    Woodster 605Woodster 60510 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact ... this was the first time either one of the twins was in the finale of the all sports golf battle videos

    TheNahumTheNahum10 dagar sedan
  • Can I get 1k subs before 2022? It would mean the world to me :>

    LF96RacingLF96Racing10 dagar sedan
  • Zac felt very confident

    dena Martini tomsdena Martini toms10 dagar sedan
  • I can”t believe you got Zac Efron to play. You should of played one of the high school musical songs

    dena Martini tomsdena Martini toms10 dagar sedan
  • They didn’t even mention zac afron was gonna be in the video

    Carter NeilsonCarter Neilson10 dagar sedan
  • Zac: this tiny square, circle, egg??? Me: oval my guy!!!

    Xx.Mr.duckeyxxXx.Mr.duckeyxx10 dagar sedan

    Dirtbikes and PoptartsDirtbikes and Poptarts10 dagar sedan
  • So ty is saying that he wants us all to throw chalk

    James DornJames Dorn10 dagar sedan
  • For the next all sports battle, you should add lacrosse

    James OlsenJames Olsen11 dagar sedan
  • Why the whiff alert is a QUAK? Just wanna know.

    Jed Jesse MatiasJed Jesse Matias11 dagar sedan
  • Can you do all sports 5 pls

    Ya Boi JamazyYa Boi Jamazy11 dagar sedan
  • Zac looks like Troy Bolton from High School Musical 🎵

    Purvi DesaiPurvi Desai11 dagar sedan
  • Its crazy to think that Zac is older than Tyler

    Devon DupuisDevon Dupuis11 dagar sedan
  • Ddddddddddddddd✅🤬🤬🖕🖕✋🤣🤣😂😂👍🥰😛😎☹️😳🤬🥺😔😂😍🤩🥸😜

    Ana PechAna Pech12 dagar sedan
  • W

    KingBrax02KingBrax0212 dagar sedan
  • You guys are the best😅❤❤🤩😁

    Carsen HughesCarsen Hughes12 dagar sedan
  • What happend to the baseball bat

    mitchyrich1207mitchyrich120712 dagar sedan
  • You guys are epic except Zac he’s dog water he lives in a trash can

    Parker WardParker Ward12 dagar sedan
  • coby has hair

    Welcome to the FarmWelcome to the Farm12 dagar sedan
  • Was coby having a cigarette 🚬 in his hand 6:01

    Knight Errant GamingKnight Errant Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • We need a part 5

    Mr PoptartsMr Poptarts13 dagar sedan
  • Tyler I and tall guy are undafeatable

    Shashidhara PuraShashidhara Pura13 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Kristy PearsonKristy Pearson14 dagar sedan
  • Zack when he gets home: opens million doller trash can *throws away trophie*

    Edison MontgomeryEdison Montgomery14 dagar sedan
  • Big dog starving TY

    Dax CampbellDax Campbell14 dagar sedan
    • 😂

      Dax CampbellDax Campbell14 dagar sedan
  • Fresco🥶🤙

    chispaschispas14 dagar sedan
  • I love zac because he played in one of my favorite movies “The Greatest Showman”

    Austin DavisAustin Davis15 dagar sedan
    • me too

      XD GaLaxY16XD GaLaxY1614 dagar sedan
  • Hello

    thebrendan bman09thebrendan bman0915 dagar sedan
  • At 8:51 look at the guy in the background

    Matt SaundersMatt Saunders15 dagar sedan
  • Je suis francais et j'ai quand aimez la vidéo

    gwendal lepagegwendal lepage15 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 Uh Cody you forgot your volleyball

    BEASTly BenBEASTly Ben15 dagar sedan
  • 0:21 Uh Cody you forg9t your volleyball

    BEASTly BenBEASTly Ben15 dagar sedan
  • i love zac efron

    Mia CarlsonMia Carlson15 dagar sedan
  • I got mad of how they all shot the soccer ball

    Emma SetraEmma Setra15 dagar sedan
  • i am your big fan guys .loving you from India .Kerala

    Baiju pcBaiju pc15 dagar sedan
  • Why even TRY the Happy Gilmore?!

    sledgehamnersledgehamner16 dagar sedan
  • First

    Eric Harwood JonesEric Harwood Jones16 dagar sedan
  • At 1:31 Me deciding what to eat for dinner

    Shubba ShubbaShubba Shubba17 dagar sedan
  • Well, if history repeats itself, that means Garrett has a very high chance at the 5th All Sports Golf Battle

    Sean WilliamsSean Williams17 dagar sedan
  • I thought white pepole liked soccer but whatever

    Squidword Tecnicals ➊Squidword Tecnicals ➊17 dagar sedan
  • Cody: I’m gonna eliminate my worst sport... Also Cody: Kicks the ball like Messi

    NBA2K DUNKSNBA2K DUNKS17 dagar sedan
    • @NBA2K DUNKS I didn’t say that for you tho

      KoLiOSKoLiOS17 dagar sedan
    • @KoLiOS listen did I ever say I hated soccer no but I do

      NBA2K DUNKSNBA2K DUNKS17 dagar sedan
    • How can you hate football ⚽️ !!! Only in America

      KoLiOSKoLiOS17 dagar sedan
  • ザックエフロンやん!ハイスクールミュージカルの!!

    チャンネル金がないチャンネル金がない17 dagar sedan
  • Ty:Take it with the roll Also Ty:*kicks the soccer ball into space*

    Saqib KhanSaqib Khan18 dagar sedan
  • Y’all should make one without the pins in

    Philip PazosPhilip Pazos18 dagar sedan
  • Ty absolutely rejected! 9:46

    HA - 06MP 776084 Thomas Street MSHA - 06MP 776084 Thomas Street MS18 dagar sedan
  • they should do an actual golf game

    mason blackwellmason blackwell18 dagar sedan
  • “Gbjnn Jimmy’s hi dad

    blaze_boo_boo04blaze_boo_boo0418 dagar sedan
  • Incompréhensible

    Vacheresse BaptisteVacheresse Baptiste19 dagar sedan
  • For all sports your really missing quite a few..

    Wisconsin outdoorsWisconsin outdoors19 dagar sedan
  • Not judging but it’s only your opinion that football is bad

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  • Hi

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  • foxtail trickshots!!!!

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  • I love so much these titles!

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  • make more 10 parts pls

    cY_PTi_cXD! GamingcY_PTi_cXD! Gaming21 dag sedan
  • Cory did kinda win bc he brought his bag 🤣🤣🤣

    Exotic Gaming BoisExotic Gaming Bois21 dag sedan
  • The intro is so satisfying

    Ethan Dave CuartzEthan Dave Cuartz21 dag sedan