Airsoft Battle 3

EPIC Airsoft Battle round 3!! Even more balloons, even more pops!
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  • Next Vid: Football Battle 🏈 Love you guys DP

    Dude PerfectDude Perfect8 månader sedan
    • Love your videos😍😍😍

      Gabriel MURPHYGabriel MURPHY8 dagar sedan
    • Please run this back again

      Symbol HunterzSymbol HunterzMånad sedan
    • Sure

      Iariantsoa RamanakandrasanaIariantsoa RamanakandrasanaMånad sedan
    • Dude I love this .😣😣😣

      Eddy HuangEddy Huang2 månader sedan
    • :0

      Mindy DeRosaMindy DeRosa2 månader sedan
  • Also sparky looks like Deathstroke

    Little WolfLittle Wolf19 timmar sedan
  • Who want Airsoft Battle Royale 4️⃣!?

    Little WolfLittle Wolf19 timmar sedan
  • Give me a chance to be in the next one and I bet I’m mvp dude perfect please see this

    Connor NeffConnor Neff21 timme sedan
  • How about Airsoft battle in Chernobyl with radiation radar

    Mateusz SkoczewskiMateusz SkoczewskiDag sedan
  • 9:13 Cody- haha coming from a main door. he making his aim at the main door

    Ananya Sharma X-AAnanya Sharma X-A2 dagar sedan
  • We want part airsoft battle

  • Plsssss make more of this

    Glenn Edward AlladoGlenn Edward Allado2 dagar sedan
  • Who is waching in 2021

    Bushra ParveenBushra Parveen2 dagar sedan
  • That is s#### and the full action of the game and I'm have idea make air soft royal party 4 new season but infected. zone battle royaL

    Rim TalaRim Tala2 dagar sedan
  • That is s#### and the full action of the game and I'm have idea make air soft royal party 4 new season but infected. zone battle royaL

    Rim TalaRim Tala2 dagar sedan
  • Guys..... You really gotta make "Airsoft BR 4" quickly

    민윤기민윤기2 dagar sedan
  • ok

  • This video was actually filmed on birthday.

    Reaper 11Reaper 112 dagar sedan
  • Love your vids bro

    Mervyn SullivanMervyn Sullivan3 dagar sedan
  • This aint airsoft battle👎👎... this is call of duty rip off👍👍

    Dakoo GamingDakoo Gaming3 dagar sedan
  • I guess this was the same place, where MrBeast did the $70,000 Extreme Hide and Seek video Am I correct ?

    10G Karthikeya Valeti10G Karthikeya Valeti3 dagar sedan

    Antonin VentreAntonin Ventre3 dagar sedan
  • Tell me if I’m wrong since i haven’t play elite squad but I’m pretty sure buck has a skeleton key (aka shotgun rifle)

    Ethan Technology and creationEthan Technology and creation4 dagar sedan
  • If anyone bothered to do the math please give us the KDA for each Dude Perfect member 🤣

    Matan ShapiraMatan Shapira4 dagar sedan
  • Do a airsoft battle 4

    Terrie PettyTerrie Petty5 dagar sedan
  • They should do this again

    Thewonderboy-bob 29Thewonderboy-bob 296 dagar sedan
  • Honestly speaking i have never skipped you video 😇

    ᴘɪʏᴜꜱʜ кυмαr 9th Ⲥᴘɪʏᴜꜱʜ кυмαr 9th Ⲥ6 dagar sedan
  • I think you guys should have more nerf and airsoft battles

    Evan LarsenEvan Larsen6 dagar sedan
  • The cameramen make the other guys see them

    Tanner SampsonTanner Sampson7 dagar sedan
  • Hold up.. No rules against blind fire?? (basically means shooting your gun over your head, or around obstacles without peeking, like at 3:56, which is usually against airsoft rules) Edit: without peeking or looking around or over the obstacles**

    SkhullZSkhullZ7 dagar sedan
  • dude perfect can continue with more videos like this of airsoft

    Sebastián LópezSebastián López7 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone else noticed, Ty hasn't won a single airsoft battle while Cody has been the winner each time?

    Jdawg KillaJdawg Killa7 dagar sedan
  • You have to do a 4

    GobTheBlobGobTheBlob7 dagar sedan
  • 7:32

    Hello HelloHello Hello8 dagar sedan
  • Mrbeast is the best

    Riza BilalRiza Bilal8 dagar sedan
  • Cody has never lost an airport battle

    Hockey Fan101Hockey Fan1018 dagar sedan
  • Ok, first of all, coolest airsoft location EVER! I love Maggie Valley, so cool there! (Also, this may be a stretch, but the next location y’all should use is Bannack, Montana- if you wanna keep your ‘abandoned/remote location’ theme, this could be an idea)

    Avery :3Avery :38 dagar sedan
  • Blue team only won because Cody was being a pathetic camper.

    Xavier BurgosXavier Burgos8 dagar sedan
  • Sparky did not do as much as before what happened man

    Hood ytHood yt8 dagar sedan
  • so much blind fire

    Bomb_squad_ airsoftBomb_squad_ airsoft9 dagar sedan
  • Hey dp can you make another new video

    Yashodha RaganathanYashodha Raganathan9 dagar sedan
  • Airsoft Battle 4 PLEASE

    Ian MegilleyIan Megilley9 dagar sedan
  • Coby did a mistake by charging on Cody :(

    Hashtag GamerHashtag Gamer9 dagar sedan
  • I wanna see more airsoft battle

    Daniel RaymondDaniel Raymond9 dagar sedan
  • If u can do air soft4 can u Do it at night

  • its cool how mr beast used this place also

    Kyle Pearson74Kyle Pearson749 dagar sedan
  • One more, so nice video

    Søren PetersenSøren Petersen10 dagar sedan
  • Please make many videos like this

    Deepali KumariDeepali Kumari10 dagar sedan
  • I love rainbow six siege

    DoginatorDoginator10 dagar sedan
  • Bring the 4th battle pls but make it fortnite battle royale in real life

    Gas FallenKnightGas FallenKnight10 dagar sedan
  • “I’ve been living here so much I might have to pay rent” -Sparky 😂😂😂😂

    The Nitro Clan 4 LitThe Nitro Clan 4 Lit10 dagar sedan
  • this is definitely the weakest one in my opinion

    thomas barramthomas barram12 dagar sedan
  • Please do nuber 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10

    Wolfthefox9 StudiozWolfthefox9 Studioz12 dagar sedan
  • I would I dye to be able to do that with you guys I love your videos and I love to shoot nerf guns I was just shooting targets with nerf guns (I would crush you guys) just joking you would beat me

    Toby SchellerToby Scheller12 dagar sedan
  • Do a 4 plsssssss

    Neymar JeNeymar Je12 dagar sedan
  • Airsoft Battle 4?

  • What course is this

    Daniel BlackwoodDaniel Blackwood13 dagar sedan
  • U guys are awesome, make a night version of airsoft

    ashok gohainashok gohain13 dagar sedan
  • Airsoft battle four pls

    Joel WalkerJoel Walker13 dagar sedan
  • anyone gonna tell him that the mock eotech is backwards?

    AbySS PatchesAbySS Patches13 dagar sedan
  • I will say they DID NOT use the dead men can’t talk rule😂

    Daniël VenterDaniël Venter13 dagar sedan
  • airsoft battle 4!

    Ryan LamptonRyan Lampton13 dagar sedan
  • This intro is insane

    Orlando MedinaOrlando Medina13 dagar sedan
  • Man i miss airsofting

    jaggazezjaggazez13 dagar sedan
  • we want part4,5,6,7,8,9,10........................................................................

  • Why does every team i root for lose?

    elisabethrusuelisabethrusu14 dagar sedan
  • Brother I hate the buck character design in ur vid and in game from the R6 buck cause I love R6

    SovietkitkatSovietkitkat14 dagar sedan
  • Just realized the Mr Beast $70,000 hide and seek is at the same place

    atEricatEric14 dagar sedan
  • Love the game you put out

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  • Do Airsoft battle 4

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  • They should really do a forth one

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  • Your next aursoft location should be in the hide and seek place mrbeast recorded there in his hide and seek 2 video at the abandoned city

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  • AIRSOFT BATTLE 4!!!!!!

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  • Part 4???

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  • Is this where the 70k hide and seek was?

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  • Dang so ya guys playin COD or Call of Duty

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  • Make another one

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  • dude perfect can you make a airsoft battle 4

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  • They used Kapkans gun as bucks assault rifle come on

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  • when the airsoft battle royale 4 will come,maybe June or July?

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  • Cody: am I dead 🤣🤣 8:37

    Fluffy Moose3Fluffy Moose317 dagar sedan
  • Air soft battle 4 petition

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  • Carl here aka Walnut Brush 6076 and if you see me in Call of Duty l'm named Walnutbrush676

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  • Year 2029: Airsoft battle 52 and the map is...... Tokyo. I see that coming😂🏅

    Filippos TatsisFilippos Tatsis17 dagar sedan
  • anybody realized mr beast used the map for the hide and seek video?

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  • 1 like = 1 prayer for Sparky

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  • I love these ones

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  • Make a game without baloons with normal hits

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  • Why does Ty look like that one operator in every cod game 😂😂 😂

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  • where the panda?

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  • Notice how Cody has won EVERY airsoft battle?!

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  • This was a day after my birthday 🎂

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  • Like for Air Soft 4!

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  • rainbow six siege is my favorite game i get how you guys cant get it exact but u guys were close.

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  • Why does Tyler look like black beard in r6

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  • What a game

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  • Red lost :(

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  • TT FOREVER!!!!!

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  • im happy, the third part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do WeDo We21 dag sedan
  • Aint this where MrBeast did a hide and seek?

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  • Fun fact: - Cody so far has won all airsoft battles (individual/team) - Tyler so far has lost all airsoft battles (individual/team)

    Thomas vangenderenThomas vangenderen21 dag sedan