GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19

Hide and seek in a HUGE store, carving massive pumpkins, plus your two favorite segments all in #Overtime19! Special thanks to Bass Pro Shops for sponsoring this video! Click HERE to shop:
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  • I live rut there

    Levi HodgesLevi Hodges9 timmar sedan

    Rachel FriesenRachel Friesen11 timmar sedan
  • Did they even pay for the catfish bait

    watermelon Jameswatermelon James17 timmar sedan
  • 23:23 Ty my guy how much stuff did you get jeez!

  • lol

    ememeememe19 timmar sedan
  • Is that real glass?🤔🤨😯

    Arnu MareeArnu Maree22 timmar sedan
  • 11:06

    JanyoJanyo23 timmar sedan
  • Coby: Ty's going to stick out like a sore thumb Last one to find Ty😂

  • Tyler’s bet: Garrett’s winning Coby’s bet: I’m getting 1st place Cory’s bet: This is 2nd place Garrett’s bet: Cory will beat Cody Everyone lost their bet

    Ian PellettIan PellettDag sedan
  • Ty: AND THE PERSON SPINNING THE WHEEL IS....CODY Cody: depression Also Ty: oh wait I mixed up my d's and b's Cody: YESSSSS LETS GOO

    MR Legend717MR Legend7172 dagar sedan
  • Dangg Ty's very talented

    what thewhat the2 dagar sedan
  • Petition for more I spy ty ⬇️

    Peyton The ProdigyPeyton The Prodigy2 dagar sedan
  • Who sings the intro

    Jesse BuxtonJesse Buxton2 dagar sedan
  • Cody’s nickname should be bad hoser

    Ksenia AlvarezKsenia Alvarez2 dagar sedan
  • I can smell the catfish bait through the camera

    M MyersM Myers2 dagar sedan
  • wooooow , check this also @

    Amber meAmber me3 dagar sedan
  • Uu

    Nadia LoterzoNadia Loterzo3 dagar sedan
  • Ok please make more ispy with ty

    riot playesriot playes3 dagar sedan
  • I Cory not a team player

    ranjantvranjantv3 dagar sedan
  • How is it possible that I can smell the pumpkins through my phone

    EthanHatesApplesEthanHatesApples3 dagar sedan
  • Coby got dirty

    AKM GamersAKM Gamers3 dagar sedan
  • You should do more i spy ty

    Corey GreenCorey Green4 dagar sedan
  • What was with that laugh Cory did when trying to use the electric knife

    Aidan LoweAidan Lowe5 dagar sedan
  • Super cool for a fish mail box, but not a super cool for a NASCAR

    Daniel MasonDaniel Mason5 dagar sedan
  • is anyone respeting this vidoe ever tho it was in 2020 beacause i am

    Andrew ChambersAndrew Chambers6 dagar sedan
  • 11:14 I love Coby’s innocence so much 😂

    Needadh MallaNeedadh Malla6 dagar sedan
  • Hey ty buddy nocks over head

    Turtle GodTurtle God6 dagar sedan
  • The tackle back at the front of the table is the one I have

    Keagan WiggsKeagan Wiggs6 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Blake BakerBlake Baker6 dagar sedan
  • Stop doing so many overtime’s

    Crash NicoCrash Nico6 dagar sedan
  • I was a day late I live in springe filed

    Elton MaslenElton Maslen6 dagar sedan
  • Lol notice how coby is sitting on a bucket during cool not cool

    Daredevil YTDaredevil YT6 dagar sedan
  • Ned looks like Bob Ross

    Adam PalmerAdam Palmer6 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone noticed that ty looks a lot like Ned . You know it’s almost like ty and Ned are the same person hmmm naaaaah ! I also love how ty keeps on sniffing the catfish bait even though every time he does he almost dies.

    Ninja Not the youtuberNinja Not the youtuber6 dagar sedan
  • lets go dude perfect great vid!

    ///daboi232\\\///daboi232\\\6 dagar sedan
  • How did they not know who the nascar guy was it was Austin Dillon

    I make Random video’sI make Random video’s7 dagar sedan

    Zachary SevoldZachary Sevold7 dagar sedan
  • people make fun of me because i love y'alls chanel but I'm not ashamed :)

    Emma Claire MartinEmma Claire Martin7 dagar sedan
  • they should've put Coby in the fish tank with catfish.

    60 Ping Colex60 Ping Colex7 dagar sedan
  • 4:50

    Hello HelloHello Hello7 dagar sedan
  • Netflix: Are u still watching? Somebody’s daughter: 18:40

    Burhan RahmanBurhan Rahman8 dagar sedan
  • Can we talk about the eating 5lbs of fudge

    PbnjGuyPbnjGuy8 dagar sedan
  • The wheel is behind them, if anyone noticed

    Ian PellettIan Pellett9 dagar sedan
  • Tyler is my name

    Tyler StracenerTyler Stracener9 dagar sedan
  • Watched video filmed at bass pro. Got advertisement for academy.

    Rebecca JoynerRebecca Joyner9 dagar sedan
  • Enshfgh

    Sarah PopeSarah Pope9 dagar sedan
  • Amazinggg

    MAS AGUNGMAS AGUNG10 dagar sedan
  • It feels like Tyler was playing another Stereotype character in that cool, not cool segment

    HexCodeFFHexCodeFF10 dagar sedan
  • When the judge picks Tyler Me - they really need sparky

    manjusha shindemanjusha shinde11 dagar sedan
  • i want another i spy ty

    Kate EllisKate Ellis11 dagar sedan
  • My Get Crafty Opinions CREATIVITY 5. Garret 4. Coby 3. Cory 2. Tyler 1. Cody STORYTELLING 5. Coby 4. Garret 3. Cory 2. Cody 1. Tyler I’m sorry but this s just my opinion, but I think that Garret’s storytelling was better than Coby’s Again Tyler and Cody are in the top of my favorites

    Eli PerryEli Perry11 dagar sedan
  • My favorite part of the show is Ned dancing to that music.

    Theresa MTheresa M11 dagar sedan
  • I was literally at that location the day before this was released

    Matthew JamesMatthew James11 dagar sedan
  • I like how they act as if Zeus that giant fish inside the aquarium, they're acting like he's some sort of sea monster

    caleb bonillacaleb bonilla11 dagar sedan
  • mike says about TY's pumpkin :i don't really use a lot of there material so me:says the one who put wooden arms and hands on there pumpkin

    Chase TubeChase Tube11 dagar sedan
  • Coll

    Will PlaysWill Plays11 dagar sedan
  • Braylend Reber SEslow channel

    Braylend 07Braylend 0711 dagar sedan
  • This is the first overtime I watched. And I still watch it

    Lily the AnimatorLily the Animator12 dagar sedan
  • i feel so bad for Coby

    Aaron WentworthAaron Wentworth12 dagar sedan
  • i actually threw up lol

    GabiGabi12 dagar sedan
  • TT: This is the most intense hide and seek in the world mr beast:hold my chandler

    Irvin RahamanIrvin Rahaman13 dagar sedan
  • I'm watching this the day before I go fishing so that intro

    ultra turtleultra turtle13 dagar sedan
  • 18:40 That face is the face of someone who’s proud of watching their friends suffer

    Noob DestroyerNoob Destroyer13 dagar sedan
  • I feel like if ty was in Massachusetts, he would be slapped in the face for the pranks

    JakeNotaTotJakeNotaTot13 dagar sedan
  • Where are your masks? Did they allow you too not were them Bec that's awesome y'all are really special

    Dominator filmsDominator films13 dagar sedan
  • Oct 19 is my birthday .-.

    TheGaming ChannelTheGaming Channel13 dagar sedan
  • ...

    TheGaming ChannelTheGaming Channel13 dagar sedan
  • Ty getting a high 5 from Zeus that easily was one of the highlights of his life.

    Connor McCarleyConnor McCarley13 dagar sedan
  • 24:46 *NASCAR burnout* yeahhhhh cody

    eyelykecayke044 vlogs&gamingeyelykecayke044 vlogs&gaming14 dagar sedan
  • Tyler: tries to call in a goose with a duck call All of the other dudes: no way

    Levi KleinLevi Klein14 dagar sedan
  • Springfield MO is where I live

    Atomic DestroyerAtomic Destroyer14 dagar sedan
  • That fudge looked DELICIOUS

    Balisong_boyBalisong_boy14 dagar sedan
  • ballon head cobe

    Ethan MacKinnonEthan MacKinnon14 dagar sedan
  • Can anyone tell me who is coby and who is cody😑 Never can distinguished them.

    Abdur Rahim SujonAbdur Rahim Sujon14 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Infected FlamingoInfected Flamingo14 dagar sedan
  • They rigged get crafty they did not know who’s pumpkin is who’s and they said Tyler’s the winner...

    Shane FaheyShane Fahey15 dagar sedan
  • Bro where are your masks? It’s fine when you’re alone but when you’re shopping. With other people around. Who are trying to stay safe? Wtf

    June HartmanJune Hartman15 dagar sedan
    • @Ashwin’s Magic And Cardistry I understand that, but this was October. Masks were needed starting in March , so they should’ve known better by that point. Also, you can see the people in the store wearing masks.

      June HartmanJune Hartman14 dagar sedan
    • This was last year

      Ashwin’s Magic And CardistryAshwin’s Magic And Cardistry15 dagar sedan
  • 🖕🖥⌨️🪓🧨🤕

    Marcus AllenMarcus Allen15 dagar sedan
  • Mask 😷

    Daniel GarraDaniel Garra15 dagar sedan
  • That fish

    Charlie OliverCharlie Oliver15 dagar sedan
  • I have was there for basketball

    sparky 9sparky 916 dagar sedan
  • I though that ty was going to give that older lady a heart attack

    The Duo: Ross And CarterThe Duo: Ross And Carter16 dagar sedan
  • this was 4 days after my birthday

    KamdinKamdin16 dagar sedan

    Taha ImranTaha Imran17 dagar sedan
  • I remember OT1

    Dylan vDylan v17 dagar sedan
  • X. X

    Alba ReyesAlba Reyes17 dagar sedan
  • 1:09-I Can See A NASCAR Cup Car, Before It Was Seen Later On In The Video

    NascarAviationDudeNascarAviationDude17 dagar sedan
  • Cobys fish is called mihi mihi

    VisionEthan4VisionEthan418 dagar sedan
  • Is it weird that its ot 19 and its published on the 19th

    VisionEthan4VisionEthan418 dagar sedan
  • Just went to the bass pro today and sat on the rock behind where the get crafty was filmed honoring dp!

    TRollsfalcon YtTRollsfalcon Yt18 dagar sedan
  • I get you Jill Ball

    Andrew SuminskiAndrew Suminski19 dagar sedan
  • That high five was pretty cool right after I spy ty

    Hostile AppleHostile Apple20 dagar sedan
  • Does anybody notice that the wheel is in the top right corner

    Colleen LevitzColleen Levitz20 dagar sedan
  • Tall guy Beard Twins Purple hoser Dude Perfect in Overtime

    Patti MortonPatti Morton20 dagar sedan
    • OK that makes sense I always thought it was tall guy Weird twins purple hosur

      Brian QuinnBrian Quinn12 dagar sedan
  • cory is a team player

    Frank ZimmermanFrank Zimmerman21 dag sedan
  • More like u spy Tt

    Hannah DohertyHannah Doherty21 dag sedan
  • Pro : I don't like it when people use other materials for their pumpkin designs. Dude Perfect: So why does yours have sticks for arms and a ball?! Hypocrisy at it's best!

    GhostGhost21 dag sedan
  • i hate cory very much i hope they kick him out of dude perfect

    munesh persaudmunesh persaud21 dag sedan
  • That place is so cool recommend going

    Dillon KovarikDillon Kovarik21 dag sedan
  • This was uploaded on my bday but i just noticed

    Garlic Naan19Garlic Naan1921 dag sedan